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"Life is like Sailing.  Change can come upon you suddenly.  But just because you sometimes have to alter your course, it doesn't mean you have to stop sailing."

Reid Sacco (July 2003)


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About the Site

We're working on a new home and format for the Foundation website, so please excuse some of this site's outdated information.  Although it's still very much a "work-in-progress", you can see the new site under construction at www.cancerinyoungadults.org.

Site Objectives

  • To provide information about the Reid R. Sacco Memorial Foundation, its fund-raising events, its scholarship program, and its support of finding better treatments--and someday a cure--for the cancers striking young adults and adolescents.
  • To provide a public portal through which to share the story of Reid's life and his impact on the lives he touched.

Note:  Some of our links to this site's Gallery of early photos are broken.  We are working on the fix.  Photos from the last three Reid's Ride Bike-a-thons are now on FlickR.  See the Bike a thon page for the link.

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About the Foundation, its Mission, its Charter. Updated information on the making donations and the Foundation's tax-exempt status.  Links to Donor Lists. 

About Reid

Links to Reid's biography, medical history, and other documents detailing Reid's life.
Bike-a-thon More information about the Reid's Ride Bike-a-thon, and how to register for this year's event, create a team, or sponsor a rider or team.